Little Champions (4-6 years old) Martial Arts Class Sample – The Dojo in Brantford

Here is a 2 minute look inside our Little Champions class. Shown in this video is a bully proof game called ‘Crazy Horse’. Rather than teaching our students to punch or kick a bully – we teach them to use verbal skills, body language and negotiation techniques. In the event that these preliminary measures fail […]

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Win Win

My goal is to create a responsible, sustainable business. One that supports my family, our students, and the community. In a day and age that a lot of business is conducted as WIN-LOSE — we strive to be different. Our policy is that every relationship must be a WIN-WIN. That not only pertains to the […]

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Growth Is In Discomfort

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from martial arts is that growth resides in discomfort. In order for us to effectively make a change, whether it’s increasing our self confidence, building greater levels of fitness, or learning to stand up to a bully – we need to find discomfort. We don’t become more […]

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The Story Behind Our Adult Martial Arts Program

Rather than base our Adult Martial Arts program around certain styles – we first took into account what we wanted to accomplish with our students. First, we want our students to get into the best shape of their adult lives. Our Instructors are certified personal fitness trainers with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) – […]

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How The Dojo Builds Confidence in Children

Our Children’s Martial Arts programs promote a healthy level of self confidence in our students. True confidence is based on experience and achievement. We’ve structured our program very specifically to have a built in reward system that builds confidence, while at the same time teaching children about delayed gratification, and the value of working hard […]

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Children’s Program Curriculum: Heroes Project – Positive Role Models

As part of our curriculum for our children’s martial arts classes – this month our students are learning about heroes. Kids are very impressionable and looking up to the wrong people can have a very negative effect on them. With situations like the recent Justin Beiber arrest – we feel it’s important that kids learn […]

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Thinking of Learning Jiu Jitsu?

If you’ve been thinking of leaning Jiu Jitsu, now is the perfect time! Our newly formed BJJ program at The Dojo in Brantford is the perfect opportunity to get started. Seeing that our program is new – all of our BJJ students are beginners. This means we spend a lot of time going over the basic […]

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Our Classroom Environment: Children’s Martial Arts Program at The Dojo in Brantford

Not all martial arts schools have the same teaching philosophy. At The Dojo in Brantford, our children’s martial arts classes have a very unique structure and environment. We have a ‘firm but fun’ style of teaching. This means that the children in our classes are having fun! Our goal is to get kids hooked on […]

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5 Ways Children Benefit From The Dojo

1. Increased Health and Fitness Levels. There is no denying that children are becoming more sedentary and eating more unhealthy foods. Most kids find exercise tedious and boring. Our martial arts classes for children are high energy, positive and fun. Our class systematically builds strength and stamina in a way that is progressive and encouraging. […]

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Our Secret To A Successful Adult Martial Arts Program

There is no doubt that Martial Arts has never been so popular. Mixed Martial Arts is the fasting growing sport in the world, mainly because of the popularity of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships). More and more people are recognizing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) as a legitimate sport, not just ‘human cockfighting’. I’ve dedicated the last […]

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