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Our philosophy at The Dojo in Brantford is different than most. We believe that Self Defence is much more than protecting yourself from violence. In today's world, lessons in self defence must include lessons in proper eating, conflict resolution, a healthy self image, along with the physical components of martial arts. Our goal is to be more than a local business, we strive to be a positive force in our community. Part of our mission is to never turn a student away if they cannot afford our tuition. We have programs in place to make sure than anyone who could benefit from martial arts training has a place to learn.

Our Programs


This program is designed specifically for children ages 5-7. The focus is building skills such as concentration, balance, listening, discipline and focus through fun and exciting martial arts drills and games. Our experienced teachers are both patient and positive and specialize in working with children in this age group.


This is our 'pre martial arts' program. This class is dedicated to preparing 3&4 year old children for the Little CHAMPIONS class. Parents get on the mat and help their children with various skill building games and drills. This class is a lot of fun for everyone involved.


This program builds mental, physical and emotional strength. Our classes are high energy and fun, and perfect for getting kids away from the Xbox or iPad. We teach our students a mix of Kid STRONG Kickboxing and Fitness curriculum and our KId DEFENCE anti-bullying and safety program. Students who attend this class build confidence, focus, respect for self and others - and how to apply these lessons to school, home, relationships and other activities.

Adult and Teens Classes

Students in this program build confidence while getting into the best shape of their lives. We teach a mix of Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and practical personal and family defence skills. We have a very positive and friendly atmosphere, and instructors who care about each student and are invested in their progress.

Happy Students & Families


Helpful articles about martial arts, self-development, fitness and anti-bullying.
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Aug 1
Aug 1

What Do We Teach Adults?

What style of martial arts do you teach? That’s a very common question. I’ll tell you upfront, if you’re looking to learn one specific style such as Karate, or Tae Kwon Do – our school isn’t the best fit for you. When creating our curriculum I began with the end in mind. I looked at […]

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Mar 1
Mar 1

Bully Proof -Verbal Jiu Jitsu Part 1

Here is a great strategy we teach in our Kid DEFENCE program. This strategy allows the child to stand up to the bully and alert the teach of the issue at the same time. The sooner the victim can address the bully before the behavior escalates to physical bullying, the higher the chance of success. […]

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Mar 3
Mar 3

Our Unique Approach to Teaching Martial Arts

Our approach to teaching martial arts is about having our students gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals and underlying concepts. Rather than focus on the quantity of material taught, we focus on quality and relevance in our curriculum. One of the problems with many martial arts systems is the means of progression is to learn […]

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Strength Definition
Mar 1
Mar 1

Kid STRONG. Martial arts and Fitness for Kids.

With the average kid spending 6-8 hours per day involved in sedentary behaviors there’s no wonder that more kids are overweight and suffering poor health. Television, video games, and ipods/ipads are highly stimulatory and addictive. The real problem is that these habits will continue on into adulthood where they will have an even greater and […]

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