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Our philosophy at The Dojo in Brantford is different than most. We believe that Self Defence is much more than protecting yourself from violence. In today's world, lessons in self defence must include lessons in proper eating, conflict resolution, a healthy self image, along with the physical components of martial arts. Our goal is to be more than a local business, we strive to be a positive force in our community. Part of our mission is to never turn a student away if they cannot afford our tuition. We have programs in place to make sure than anyone who could benefit from martial arts training has a place to learn.

Kids Martial Arts Programs

Little Champions (4-6 years old)

This program has an age specific curriculum designed to build focus, listening skills, and self control. We use 'drills for skills' to build physical skills such as balance and co-ordination while introducing children to the physical skills of the martial arts. Our instructors are patient and specialize in working with children in this age group.

Youth Martial Arts

This program builds mental, physical and emotional strength. Our classes are high energy and fun, and perfect for getting kids away from the Xbox or iPad. Students who attend this class build confidence, focus, respect for self and others - and how to apply these lessons to school, home, relationships and other activities.


Get into the best shape of your life while learning real kickboxing in a SAFE, positive, supportive environment.

Brazilian Jiu JItsu

Build flexibility, endurance and confidence while learning the worlds most effective self defence system.

Happy Students & Families

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